There are many options when it comes to watching movies online but 123Movies is the most popular free streaming site in the world at this moment. Even if the original site has been closed since 2017, the brand continued to prosper through many cloned or similar sites.

    Initially, the official website was and after a lot of struggling and legality issues it was shutted down 3 years ago. It used to offer one of the biggest collections of movies and tv series online free and everybody was loving it and his popularity proved this fact.

    A short time after the original site stopped his online activity, lots of cloned sites started to appear trying to attract the visitors who used to love the first 123Movies site. Some of them did this sucessfully and became very popular.

    Because now there are hundreds of streaming sites, making a decision became pretty hard for the visitors and that's why we've created a short list of alternatives for watching movies online. But before our recommendations list, we have to answer a few questions asked frequently.

    Safety and legality of 123Movies

    None of the streaming sites have the interest to infect your device with viruses or malwares. They are just trying to offer you the best movies and tv series and are using ads to pay the maintenance costs of the sites. Sometimes the third parties that provides the ads for these sites are starting to spread viruses through their ads and nobody knows about this before it happens, so you must be aware of the risks. Also, you can use a few tips for browsing more safely on streaming sites.

    AdBlock. We think that the first step to stay away from the majority of ads and pops is to use one of the free browser extensions called AdBlock or AdBlock Plus. The installation process of this extension (or plugin) tooks only a few seconds and will help you get rid of many annoying advertisement.

    VPN. In case you are worried about some legality issues because of using 123movies, then the best method of browsing streaming sites risk-free is to access them from a Virtual Private Network. Usually VPN's aren't free and there is a cost if you want to browse completely anonymous.

    Alternative sites for 123Movies

    ProjectFreeTV. This one is a very old streaming site and it went through many rough periods during all this years but it remained online no matter what happened with Google or other sites from this niche. ProjectFreeTv doesn't have any movies in his database but they are the best when it comes to tv series. All of their content is available for free in HD quality and without any country restrictions, so you can watch shows on ProjectFreeTv from any location.

    SolarMovie. It is one of the most popular brands of streaming movies. It gained popularity along the years by constantly publishing the latest movies and tv series, offering only good quality content to their fans. SolarMovie's interface is modern, simple, organized and eye-catching, so they are giving you all the reasons to use their website. They are using ads to keep the website alive, but you will get used to it very fast and if not, then just install an adblocker.

    Putlocker. With one of the biggest databases of movies and tv shows, this one might become your favorite streaming site if you give it a chance. Putlocker is not using aggressive ads and your browsing experience will be very good. Also, this website does not require registration in order to watch movies or shows. Everything is free and in high quality.